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In today's world, Facebook has a user base that exceeds the population of many countries and so is the case with other sites like Twitter, Google, Pinterest and more. That’s why social media has emerged as a huge platform for marketers to attract suitable customers from all around the globe. The social media platforms have the potential to take a business to unimaginable heights. This is where the role of SMO comes in; SMO experts create extensive strategies to attract the maximum population and to spread awareness about the brand.

SMO has become even more important today because of the newly revised search algorithms of Google, which gives high priority to social shares while calculating the ranking. Hence, it is imperative for online businesses to have prominence in social media.

For Novo Elixir Inc, SMO goes beyond creating just a platform for brand awareness on social media. We believe in creating a following for the brand so that the brand becomes a part of people’s life. We have a team of smart and young people with expertise in the techniques of SMO who will assure a positive online reputation for your company. Novo Elixir Inc ensures a strong presence of you company on leading social forums and also assists with directing more traffic towards your website.