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Novo Elixir Inc work with the latest advancement of the standard HTML is HTML5. HTML5 speaks for two different conceptions:

♦ Connectivity: communication with the server in innovative ways.

♦ Multimedia: In the open web making a video and audio first-class citizens.

♦ Semantics: speaks more precisely about your content.

♦ 2D/3D effects & graphics: actively presentable with more diverse range.

♦ Device Access: accessible for various output and input devices.

♦ Storage & Offline: Allowing client locally to store date and operate offline more efficiently.

♦ Integration & performance: works with better usage of computer hardware and great speed optimization.

♦ Styling: More sophisticated themes.

Using all these aspects of the HTML5, our experts team of Novo Elixir Inc Web design and Website Development Chandigarh makes your website more responsive website and most adaptable to changes. By utilizing HTML5 for website development, which offers many benefits as compared to the old version of HTML websites. Our team adds superior effects for streaming video and audio, Geo location, animated website banners, Offline cache and more tags you can think of o build an innovative, user friendly, more engaging and best performing. Novo Elixir Inc web designing team expertise in building websites using the latest version HML5 with full cross browser support.